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I called after getting my credit report to see what I could do about this problem, and the man jumped down my throat yelling at me stating that both my husband and I have crappy credit andd it will always be that way so to just shut up and pay the bill.

Then refused to pass me through to his superviser.

Nobody at this company would pass me through to a superviser! Also he told me to not call back , so they will not ever hear from and definitly will not recieve money from me.

So they must all be freelancers no boss. Must be nice to beable to disrespct people all day and get paid for it.

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:x :( :cry :? :roll :eek :upset :zzz :sigh :p 8) ;) :grin :)


ask for Joe Brown and a middle eastern man will start yelling obscenities at you stating that i will have misfortune follow me through out my life. He cvant even speak english, these people are worse than I thought they even called my landlord and harassed him, they called my Ex Husband who is in Law enforcement and threatended him too. Hey Joe Brown, fyi , you need to get another job like student in an ESL class before you address anyone who speaks english, if you're goal is to get a positive and serious response to the so called time sensitive issues, than you are going about it in the wrong way, and for future employers do noy send these idiots to collect debts, the only thing that they are collecting is money that is provided by the company hiring these fools.


:cry wow im at loss for words!! i had never received a bill nor did i ever receive a bill from this agency but i pulled my credit report and low and behold i see allied on my report so i call them trying to find out why the bill was double what my insurance company stated was my responsibility wow!! the man handling my account was horrible from the moment he answered my call he was screaming and yelling at me i was shocked how am i supposed to fix this when the one in control of the situation is yelling down my throat telling me that i need to pay this bill wouldn't even let me explain and ask how do we fix this problem he had a woman yelling in the background telling him to hang up on me and then the man hangs up on me not one time did i have the opportunity to scream or yell and i was the consumer something needs to be done about these kinds of agencies

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